» To undertake and promote research theoretical and clinical in all fields of medicine with particular emphasis of Neurology and allied fields.

» To study the incidence of Neurological disorders in the Indian population and its relation to changing lifestyles.

» To provide financial assistance to persons / institutions carrying out research in Neurology and Neurosurgery.

» To provide support services to hospitals, dispensaries, and other medical institutions that care for persons afflicted with neurological dis-orders.

» To promote research into the role of environmental factors in the cause or aggravation of neurological dis-orders.

» To promote research in the treatment of neurological dis-orders with alternative systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Naturopathy etc.,

» To promote the holistic treatment of patients.

» To promote therapies that alleviate pain and suffering.

» To investigate the role of hereditary factors in the cause of neurological disorders.

» To support research and development of medicines to combat diseases of the nervous system.

» To promote the use of non-invasive therapies as an alternative to neurosurgery.

» To provide financial, material and other support to families of patients undergoing neurological and other medical treatment.

» To help in providing retraining and alternate employment to persons disabled by neurological afflictions.

» To investigate the possible means of preventing the onset of any nervous disorder.
» To dispel common misconceptions about nervous disorders through the mass media.

» To support the training and education of para-medical personnel so as to improve the quality of follow up treatment provided to patients.

» To subscribe to journals, magazines and other medical literature both in India and abroad so as to keep abreast of the latest in medical advances and to maintain such literature in the form of a library for the use of interested persons/institutions.

» To support the publication of books, journals, and monographs on topics of medicine and allied fields.

» To support the formation and growth of patient support groups that help in the rehabilitation of persons afflicted by neurological disorders.

» To institute scholarships, awards and other incentives to help promote research in the neurosciences.

» To institute and support Chairs in Universities and Research Institutions to aid in the Research of Neurological disorders.

» To conduct seminars, discussions, conferences, work-shops and other such activities in medicine and related fields.

» To provide monetary aid to poor and needy patients.

» To provide free medicine, injections and other such treatment to poor patients.

» To collect and expend funds for the attainment of the aforesaid objects and to contribute to other organizations engaged in all or any of the activities and objects of this Trust.

» To engage in activities allied to the aforesaid objects and to associate with other institutions and bodies