NEURO UPDATES the flagship conference of Madras Neuro trust have been held annually since 2003. Each year 3 or 4 themes are chosen and expert Neurologists / Neurosurgeons in the respective fields are invited. Around 200-300 delegates from all over India attend these annual updates every year.

Sessions have been conducted on Pediatric Neurology, Epilepsy, Headache, Movement Disorders, Neuro-Ophthalmology, and Mitochondrial Disorders involving the CNS, Neuromuscular diseases, Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuro infections.

Workshops an important highlight of the conference is very well appreciated by the delegates which gives them a more clear perspective of the topics being discussed.

A diligent process is in place to select the right faculty who can conduct their sessions in line with the theme of the conference for that particular year. Delegates get a fantastic opportunity to listen and interact with eminent international faculty members who are experts in their field.